Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harvest?
Harvest is the SEC/FINRA compliant marketplace for investors to discover and be discovered. Over 4,000 firms use Harvest to publicly and privately connect, communicate, and share expertise with industry leaders, peers, and clients. Harvest was built to help you improve efficiency while differentiating yourselves to new and existing clients. Harvest provides professional investors with two core products, both stressing compliance and security: Investor Connect and Harvest Private.

What is the difference between Harvest Exchange and Harvest Private?
Harvest Exchange is a public platform free for anyone who wants to be discovered, or discover others. Verified Financial Professionals use Harvest as a public relations and marketing solution to maximize exposure and increase brand awareness with investors. Investor Connect is an additional feature which offers promotion and lead generation across a targeted and scalable investor audience.

Whereas Harvest Exchange is public facing, Harvest Private offers firms and professionals the ability to share timely information, updates, and documents within your own branded and secure "invite-only" network. Harvest Private combines enhanced search and social features, with secure document storage and dissemination tools.

How does Harvest comply with SEC/FINRA guidelines?
Harvest executives spent years working with SEC & FINRA enforcers, as well as its own Regulatory & Compliance Counsel, to build a compliance module that satisfies the two fundamental requirements of both the SEC and FINRA:

  1. 1. Supervision (Prior approval and monitoring)
  2. 2. Record-keeping (archiving)

See how the Harvest Compliance module satisfies your firms needs. If you have any further questions please email

Oh, so Harvest has to do with the JOBS Act?
NO. Many firms using Harvest have not adopted SEC rule 503(c) and still rely on the old interpretation under 503(b). There are many forms of public communication that do not represent advertisements or solicitations, and do not fall under the interpretation of the JOBS Act. The JOBS Act is designed to improve access to capital for businesses, as well as to improve discovery of investment opportunities for those qualified. So both the creation of the JOBS Act, and the use of Harvest, speak to the growing demand for firms to be more transparent, and to utilize public channels to grow their businesses. However, Harvest has nothing to do with the JOBS Act.

More information on SEC & FINRA compliance

Harvest does not dispense legal advice, so please check with your own internal compliance and legal departments.

Can anyone use Harvest and how is it different?
Harvest is available for all investors, professionals and non-professionals, to share their thoughts. Harvest differentiates itself from other platforms by manually verifying financial professionals, and curating content to members based on WHO is providing thoughts, rather than by WHAT is a hot topic. To further enhance discovery, Harvest provides additional search and filtering functions.


Who is currently using Harvest? The Harvest community is predominantly professionals and sophisticated investors, but we welcome anyone interested in becoming a smarter investor. Professional investors can be broken down further as follows:

  • 35% Hedge Fund / Mutual Fund
  • 22% Financial Advisors
  • 18% Independent Research Provider or Consultant
  • 10% Family Office, FOF or other Institutional Allocator
  • 15% Other (VC, PE, Broker Dealer, IB, Insurance Co, Public Company executives)
  • Why do professional asset managers, financial advisors, research providers and broker dealers use Harvest?
    Professional investors have traditionally used financial media for the purposes of brand enhancement, but there is an inherent conflict of interest. The media's clients are their paid advertisers, not the professional investors providing their content. Harvest is ad-free, and offers investors the following:

    Full control of your message. There are no intermediaries, no paraphrasing, no restrictions, and no deadlines. Harvest Exchange allows you to generate brand-enhancing investment content on your own time and in your own way. Each post on Harvest generates it's own unique, shareable link which you can also disseminate to your own network.

    Longevity and staying power of your content. Unlike traditional point-in-time media dissemination, your Harvest posts stay "Live" longer due to our search, filtering and algorithms.

    Analytics. Rather than using traditional media as a fire-hose, Harvest allows you to streamline your information to investors who make a difference to your business, and we provide a full breakdown of who you are reaching with your content, and how often it is being viewed, through your analytics dashboard.

    What should I post on Harvest?
    Anything that enhances your brand, accelerates your message, or accomplishes your goals.

    Why don't you allow editing of posts?
    For compliance reasons, Harvest does not allow anyone to edit their posts because it changes the historical record of what could be timely events. Once a post is posted and time-stamped, that is the final version. We do however allow authors to delete their posts, and re-post... but the new post will come with a new time-stamp. Harvest is an SEC/FINRA compliant platform, and as such we always err on the side of caution even if it conflicts slightly with user experience.

    Oh, so Harvest is Linked-In for investors?
    Oh, so Harvest is Twitter for investors?
    Oh, so Harvest is Seeking Alpha but for professional investors?

    We appreciate that many of you try to compare Harvest to other successful platforms, but we believe Harvest is building a completely unique marketplace for the asset management industry.

    Why would I use Harvest if I'm already using other communication platforms like Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook?
    We encourage you to use as many mediums as you can, but Harvest should be part of your workflow. In addition to the benefits listed above, Harvest targets a large and high quality group of investors, and allows you to utilize the Harvest compliance module.


    • - Facebook's community may not target the right audience for you, whereas 100% of Harvest members are self-proclaimed investors.
    • - Twitter delivers point-in-time news, not long-lasting investment thoughts. So Twitter creates a need for rapid quantity communication, whereas Harvest facilitates in-depth quality communication.
    • - When you share to Linked-In, you share to your existing network, not your target audience. In addition to allowing for discovery beyond your existing network, Harvest, on average, receives 6-times more views than that same content posted on LinkedIn.
    • Where did the name Harvest come from?
      The name, Harvest, represents a global Farmer's Market of directly sourced knowledge. By offering services for professionals to establish and build brands based on their expertise, and by allowing others to freely consume that expertise, Harvest is actively promoting organic growth for all investors.

      Wall Street is historically opaque to outsiders, but through a devotion to promoting and celebrating transparency of expertise, Harvest will help to re-build the trust that once existed in the asset management industry.