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After 8 years of Fed complacency, the FOMC meetings are finally exciting again. With two rate hikes already accomplished YTD, and another meeting next week, all investors must pay attention to rates. Below are the most popular posts from investment managers discussing how rates will affect everything from high yield to bank loans to balancing portfolios.

Infrastructure and rising rates - A Myth Too Far

There are many who believe rising interest rates pose headwinds for income-producing equities. Yet history suggests infrastructure stocks may be an exception to that rule—an important consideration for investors as the Fed prepares for rate hikes in ...
Legg Mason Global Asset Management
Legg Mason Global Asset Management

A leading global investment company with specialized expertise in...

Bringing Balance to Income Portfolios - How to Take Control of Your Bond Market Risk

IN THIS PAPER: Each of the major bond market risks—interest rate and credit—pays off over time. But they usually don’t pay at the same time. In this paper, we’ll take a look at why managing both risks in a single portfolio may offer income-oriented ...
AB (AllianceBernstein L.P.)
AB (AllianceBernstein L.P.)

50 Years of Investment Management & Research

Bank Loans Beat High Yield Amid Rising Rates? Don’t Bank on It

By Christian Hoffmann, CFA Bank loan products are often seen as a nice alternative to high yield in a rising interest rate environment, but the conventional wisdom about their interest rate protection and security needs a credit check. Bank loan ...
Thornburg Investment Management
Thornburg Investment Management

Thornburg Investment Management offers solutions for retail and i...

Fed Minutes: Mission Accomplished on Rates, But Questions Remain on Balance Sheet Plan

The minutes of the June Fed meeting confirm that, while the FOMC is in broad agreement that the process should start later this year, there is a range of opinions with regard to precisely when. The Federal Reserve hiked rates as expected at its ...

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Bond Market Observations: What Color Is Your Parachute?

When planning to jump out of an airplane, it is appropriate, downright prudent, to expect the law of gravity to operate. After all, it reliably explains why you will hurtle faster and faster to the ground. It is less appropriate, downright foolish, ...
Standish Mellon Asset Management
Standish Mellon Asset Management

Specialist multi-asset investment management firm

Chart: Which Risks Have Been Rewarded?

Generally, investors can seek returns above the risk free rate 1 from three broad sources of risk: Duration – interest rate risk Credit – potential default risk Equity – Stock market risk In the chart and table below, we seek to compare how these ...
Global X Funds
Global X Funds

Sponsor of exchange-traded funds, seeks to provide access to high...

Trend Reversal in the Long Term Treasury Bond ETF (TLT)

This week the iShares Barclay’s 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) reversed its upward price trend.  TLT started its move higher on March 14, 2017.  Since then it moved from $117 to a high of $128 on June 26th.  That’s a gain of 9% in 3 months time. ...
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall, Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC

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