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2017 has been another year of unpredictable market outcomes. So let's take a much needed break from running your portfolio, and instead celebrate the professional firms and organizations that help money managers and advisors run their businesses. Below is some sage advice from those who help the people who run your money.

Next week's Thematic Thursday topic: ESG is now mainstream.


How Does This Royce Portfolio Manager Find New Ideas?

How does a new idea get into the portfolio? There are lots of ways that I find new ideas. One of the basic ways is by running a screen. We have some elegant software that does this. Anybody sitting at home at their PC can do the same thing without ...
Royce Funds
Royce Funds

Small-cap investing specialist offering mutual funds with unique ...


Most Investors Don’t Realize That They Are Putting All Their Eggs In One Basket

BY JARED DILLIAN On the grand scene of financial innovations, the exchange-traded fund was fairly innocuous at first. It took a good 15 years for people to figure out how disruptive they would ultimately be I’d argue that the ETF revolution is less ...
Mauldin Economics
Mauldin Economics

It's Time to Get Real About Your Investments


Beyond Start-Ups: Reorganizing Your Mutual Fund into a Series Trust

The series trust model is one that many investment managers now recognize as an invaluable option for efficiently launching and operating a mutual fund. In fact, in the past five years alone, UMB has launched more than 70 funds through the Investment ...
UMB Fund Services
UMB Fund Services

Mutual Fund Services + Alternative Investment Services + Turnkey ...


Great Thought Leadership: What Successful Asset Managers Do Differently

Asset managers are increasingly inundating allocators with thought leadership in hopes of growing their business. Allocators tell us most of these ‘insights’ are not helpful. To determine the key elements of truly great thought leadership we ...
Chestnut Advisory Group
Chestnut Advisory Group

Grow Your Edge With Investors


The Investment Value of Being Different

"We try to be different only in ways that we think give us an edge over the intrinsic architecture of the market." Elise Hoffmann, Marshfield Associates [ The Institute for Innovation Development recently talked with Elise Hoffmann , Principal and ...
Institute for Innovation Development
Institute for Innovation Development

We are an educational and business development catalyst for finan...


Learning from Business Maverick Ken Iverson

This article was originally published on MastersInvest.com . Steelmaking is a tough, capital-intensive business in an industry characterised by booms and busts. Barriers to entry are low, foreign competition can be intense and you’re a price taker – ...
Vintage Value Investing
Vintage Value Investing

Intelligent Investing, the Vintage Value Way!


New Aite Study Finds CIMA Advisor Performance Significantly Outpaces Non-CIMA Advisors

By Josh Randall, Investments & Wealth Communications The Investments & Wealth Institute released research results this week from a study conducted by the Aite Group , exploring how the Certified Investment Management Analyst ® (CIMA ® ) certification ...
Investment Sense
Investment Sense

Advanced analysis for today's savvy advisors


Talk for Show, Blog for Dough

Despite being overused in finance, the golfing analogy ‘Drive for show, putt for dough’ bears relevance in alternative investments. While the bigger, flashier managers in alternatives often garner the most media and investor attention, smaller ...
Diane Harrison
Diane Harrison, Panegyric Marketing

Principal and Owner, Panegyric Marketing

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